A2S | New Learning Environments 2018/19

CABINETS AS GOOD AS CUSTOM-MADE BASE CONSTRUCTION n low-emission, 0.75'' thick 3 layer decorative panel pursuant to DIN EN 14 322 (E1), scratch and impact resistant as well as wear resistant n flush lasered edging in the same color as the panels are 0.04” - 0.12" thick (see p. 270) n all cabinets are doweled and glued together firmly at the factory; this ensures high sturdiness and smooth, fast assembly n all back panels made from 0.31", low-emission 3 layer decorative panels are notched and glued around the entire circumference n adjustable shelves on metal studs, secured against accidental movement, height-adjustable along a row of holes n the hinged doors can be opened up to 240° due to the sturdy, visible metal strips n locks with replaceable cylinder core, available with choice of plate or pin cylinder n Different base variants allow for optimal adjustment to room and purpose. Standard bases are available with decor selectable independent of corpus and up to 3 FH, roller frames with rubber casters are also possible - making these cabinets movable. Things must always be stored safely at educational facilities. So its a good thing that our A2S EURO standard DIN 18000 cabinet system can adapt to every situation, from an individual unit to a wall-covering cabinet system. We have solutions for any type of room. And you can rest assured that you get A2S quality from Germany - durable and resilient. DECOR CORPUS FURNITURE | CORPUS FURNITURE SYSTEM