A2S | New Learning Environments 2018/19

CHAIRS | STOOLS AND PERCH RESTS Pagholz ® seat: indestructible since scratch- and impact-resistant, unbreakable, heat-resistant, waterproof and flexible all frames are coated with scratch-resistant powder 4-leg stool, optional with foot ring or foot rests at different heights, stacks up to 15 chairs high spindle with continuous welded 5-arm steel star base with plastic floor protectors, freely height-adjustable gas lift with sturdy 5-arm die-cast aluminum star base, freely height-adjustable, optional felt floor protectors or with load-dependent braking double safety casters STOOL 7984.017 · With foot rests at various heights 7984 · Optional all-around foot rest 7936 · Very large adjustment range using spindle: 1' 3.75" - 1' 10.83"; more images see p. 68 f. 7984 · 4-leg, stacks up to 15 chairs high Powder coating FRAME Multiplex Pagholz ® SEAT | TABLETOP Chrome 8389 · Gas lift with load-dependent braking casters Pagholz ® pan natural light