A2S | New Learning Environments 2018/19

CHAIRS | PLASTIC 7853 Flex with the globally patented Z-shape frame, optional cross brace for even more stability more images on p. 22, 43, 56 f., 64 f., 76 f., 140 Seat pan with integrated air ducts without holes to prevent dirt and mildew in the inner shell A2S floorsafe ® floor protectors protect the flooring even if the chair is tipped, patent # 10 2010 039 292 A1 Supports muscle tone with its ergonomic shape and promotes variable sitting to pre- vent fatigue, e.g. saddle seats FLEX | PLASTIC PAN ergonomically shaped plastic pan made from robust recyclable polypropylene in 7 attractive colors the shape also supports reverse sitting, saddle sitting, and casual sitting easy to clean thanks to special A2S surface structure channel for venting and relieving back strain finger hole in lumbar region, recessed handles at top of backrest and underside of chair Powder coating FRAME Chrome Plastic SEAT PAN Edging|top WRITING TABLET Flex UPHOL- STERY 7874 · Stacks 5 chairs high